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Xmas Mil Display installation and decorating teams are highly experienced and professionals in this industry. We have been installing and decorating for nearly fifty years, be it interior and exterior props, giant displays, decorative lighting systems, street decorations, shopping centres and much more.

We are professional decorators and we care that decorations should not be treated as just another installation item but project the ambience of the occasion.

Senior management directly supervise all major projects and we have skilled installation and rigging crews. Our consultants are pleased to discuss and offer suggestions regarding focal areas, colour theming etc, so you, our customer may achieve the best from your displays.

On site our team of installers and decorators work around the clock, always making sure areas are made hazard free and clearways maintained, keeping in mind our clients trading hours and the various conditions relating to installing and decorating.


Being a manufacturer of displays and decorations, our customers can be assured that their products are handled and stored with complete care.

Storage plays an important role in adding to the life of your displays, so careful attention to detail is given as to how your decorations are maintained and handled.

At Xmas Mil we do more than store your decorations, we know how to look after them too.


All displays and decorations are first checked for any damage or wear and tear, including all welding points, framework and components. If the display or decoration is garland covered and the material is past its prime it can be removed and replaced.

Where cleaning is required Xmas Mil Display uses to most modern high pressure cleaning methods. You never know, your decorations may only need a facelift.

For further information regarding installation, storage or refurbishment, please contact Neville Miller.