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Solar Powered Christmas Trees

In an Australian first, Brisbane's giant 18.2 metre  Christmas Tree was illuminated by 16,000 solar powered lights in 2009.
The project was the initiative of  Brisbane's Lord Mayor Campbell Newman who gave it the green light in 2008 in the planning and development.

The solar panelled star needs no northern alignment and replenishes the storage batteries that power the 16,000 LED lights for the night time display.

Solar Lighting

Xmas Mil Display can design and  configure an efficient lighting systems to illuminate any decoration with Low Voltage or solar powered LED lighting. 

Before you inquire about solar powered lighting, consider whether the location will get a full days sunshine or be overshadowed by trees or tall buildings or whether overhead street lighting will be directed onto the solar panel.


Solar Powered Lamp Posts


We also supply a range of solar powered Lamp Posts that illuminate using Solar energy only.

Ideal for parks, gardens, caravan parks, public reserves, and barbeque areas.

Model KGW - 101 

  • Sculptural stainless steel 3.5 metre tall.
  • 7 watt energy saving bulb
  • 21 watt solar panel
  • 33 A/H battery
  • Intelligent controller

Model KGW - 501 

  • 4 metre tall steel construction
  • 11 watt mutli LED bulb
  • 50 watt solar panel
  • 2 x 33 A/H batteries
  • Intelligent controller