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Grass Matting | Dividers | Window trims

Comes in rolls
Natural green Grass Matting
Shop Display sample with Matting

These products have found to be popular among the display industry, florists, retail outlets, bakeries, liquor outlets and supermarkets with a variety of applications for signage, floats, seasonal and general display.

Natural Display Grass 

is washable and flame retardant. Sizes available:
6' x 3' (172cm x 97cm) mats and 48' x 3' (approx 16m x 97cm) rolls.

The many benefits include  mildew proof, non-toxic, non-fading and washable.

Dividers and Window Trims

Tray Dividers attractively divide and organise food displays.

Fluted Tray Dividers are available in 34" (86mm) lengths.
Colours: Green, Red, Blue, and Yellow. Block and mixed colours available on request.

Window Trims available in 48" (120mm) lengths.
Colours: Red, blue, yellow, orange, green and mixed colour combinations.

The many benefits include being mildew proof, non-toxic, non-fading and washable.