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Videos of Street Lighting

VIDEO of LED Street Lighting by Xmas Mil Display. 


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Street Displays

Large scale Angels and Christmas Tree

Local Council and City Street Festive Displays

Xmas Mil Display specialise in exterior Christmas decorations and street displays. Contact us to get a quotation to design, build and install cost-effective, decorations for any event.

Flags, Banners and Banner Enhancers


Stunning flags designed for interior or exterior, these colourful "stain glass" effect Banners are ideal for street displays, or shopping centres, or special occasions...

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Pole Units - Wind Loadings


Many asset owners require pole mounted decorations and banners to conform to specific wind loading parameters. Xmas Mill has conducted wind loading tests on our pole units and can...

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Pole Toppers

Eliminates the need for third party pole permits and high access works. Customised fittings can suit any parking pole even with pole signage. Pole Toppers are designed to fit internal and external sleeve on Council owned parki...

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Sky Line Decorations

Our Sky Line garlands are particularly suited to across street display between lampposts.

Different themes can be adapted to suit the occasion.

Co-ordinated with large suspended ...

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