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V pennants or bunting

Xmas-Mil's V-Pennants are ideal for festivals, car yards, market places, service stations and more - anywhere you want to make an impact.

They come in variable length strings and are available in a variety of colours and materials.

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Flags, Banners and Banner Enhancers

PVC 'Stain Glass' Effect Banner


Stunning flags designed for interior or exterior, these colourful "stain glass" effect Banners are ideal for street displays, or shopping centres, or special occasions. ideal for window displays as well, allowing lights to shine though the banner.

  •  Can be mounted on street lighting, or separate poles, or hang from ceiling.

  •  Specially formulated UV, flame retardant reinforced clear vinyl.

  •  Specially formulated translucent inks.

  •  Durable, long lasting.

  •  Custom Designs available.

Standard sizes are 
1.5m x .750m

Banner Enhancers

Banner Enhancers are light-weight garland covered frame pole units designed to enhance and embellish your banner presentations without adding excessive wind loading.

Embellish your banners look with enhancers.

A cost-effective way to refresh your annual festive banner designs.